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Vintage Glass Beads

Add a classic look to your next beaded jewelry creation with antique beads from We offer vintage glass beads for sale from the U.S. and Japan, as well as quality West Germany and Czech glass beads. Years of searching has given us the opportunity to provide you with a wide variety of sizes and shapes of beads from another time. Additionally, we carry a dazzling array of vintage foil beads.

Whether you feel inspired using Czech glass beads or are in love with the classic look of vintage foil beads, these amazing glass beads are perfect for all your jewelry creations! You can make a special necklace for an old-fashioned outfit or a special gift for a loved one using our vintage glass beads. Email us or call today to inquire about any of our distinctive foil and glass beads for sale at or 530-885-3511. Quantities are limited, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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Jet Rice Beads #4920
: $4.50
Jet Rice Beads   #4920
Vintage Japan rice shaped bead. 130 pcs.
Burgandy Oval Picasso #4918
: $6.00
Burgandy Oval Picasso   #4918
Oval glass bead, dark rose Picasso finish over white. 25 pcs.
Rose Twist #4917
: $7.00
Rose Twist   #4917
Lovely rose-colored opaque vintage beads. 25 pcs.
Blue & Yellow Ceramic Beads #4914
: $5.00
Blue & Yellow Ceramic Beads  #4914
Ceramic tube shaped vintage beads. Shades of blues and yellows fired on bead exterior. 12x4mm - 25 piece pack.
Brown Ceramics #4913
: $5.00
Brown Ceramics   #4913
Ceramic tube shaped beads. Blended tones of Purple, tans and yellow. 12x4mm - 25 piece pack
Maple Ovals #4905
: $9.00
Maple Ovals   #4905
Beautiful honey colored oval vintage glass beads. 13x6mm. 55 pieces
Translucent Pink Beads #4904
: $9.00
Translucent Pink Beads   #4904
LargeTranslucent glass with darker pink color swirled inside bead. 25x15mm - 12 pcs.
Pink Berry Floral #4903
: $8.00
Pink Berry Floral   #4903
Old Czech glass beads. 12 inches of assorted Pink glass shapes.
Rose Opal Vintage Cone Shaped Beads #4901
: $8.00
Rose Opal Vintage Cone Shaped Beads  #4901
Fabulous Rose Opal Vintage glass beads, Cone shaped, 10x6mm. 25 piece strand. Color combination is beautiful and eye catching in any design. Limited Quantities.
Jet Rectangles
Jet Rectangles #4898
: $7.00
Jet Rectangles   #4898
Vintage black long beads, manufactured in Japan. 1960's 17x6mm - 25 piece strand.
Black Vintage Glass Beads with Gold Foil #4894
: $7.00
Black Vintage Glass Beads with Gold Foil    #4894
Jet Black 12mm vintage glass beads with gold foiling embedded on exterior of each bead. 25 pieces per strand.
Red & White Stripes on Black Beads #4892
: $8.00
Red & White Stripes on  Black Beads   #4892
Large Black glass vintage beads with red and white stripes on exterior. 20x13mm - 12 piece strand.
Mixed Glass Drops #4889
: $6.00
Mixed Glass Drops   #4889
Mixed glass opaque drops. Green, Jadite, Blue & Yellow 1960's era. 100 piece pack.
Japan Flower Beads #4888
: $6.00
Japan Flower Beads   #4888
White opaque glass beads with floral coloring on exterior, vintage made in Japan. 12mm - 12piece pack
Peppermint #4887
: $7.00
Peppermint   #4887
Green and creamy white swirled throughout oval glass bead. 10 x 8mm. 25 pcs.
Jets #4886
: $6.00
Jets   #4886
Small black glass rectangles. 6x4mm. 100 pcs.
Champagne Oval
Champagne Oval Glass Beads #4885
: $7.00
Champagne Oval Glass Beads   #4885
Shades of white, gray and crystal swirled thru out oval glass bead.10x8mm - 25 piece strand.
Aqua Stripe Luster Beads #4884
: $8.00
Aqua Stripe Luster Beads   #4884
Beautiful Aqua Luster Glass Beads, oval 14x9mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Jadite Dimples Vintage Glass Beads #4882
: $6.00
Jadite Dimples Vintage Glass Beads   #4882
Vintage Japan Jadeite green translucent glass bead. Dimpled pattern on bead exterior.11x9mm - 25 piece strand.
4mm Yellows
Yellow Little Vintage Beads #4878
: $3.50
Yellow Little Vintage Beads   #4878
Bright sunshine yellow glass beads. 4mm. 130 pieces per pack.
Periwinkle Blue Vintage Glass Beads #4865
: $7.00
Periwinkle Blue Vintage Glass Beads  #4865
Light blue vintage beads with a slight twist pattern. Made in Japan. 18x10mm - 25 piece strand.
Forest Green Vintage Glass Beads #4859
: $7.00
Forest Green Vintage Glass Beads    #4859
Dark Forest green Vintage Japan round glass bead. 8mm - 50 pieces per strand.
Blue Tubes #4858
: $5.00
Blue Tubes   #4858
Blue ceramic tubes vintage japanese glass beads.
Pink Coins #4857
: $6.00
Pink Coins   #4857
Light Pink flat round coin shaped glass beads.
Lemon Sherbet Vintage Glass Beads #4856
: $7.00
Lemon Sherbet  Vintage Glass Beads  #4856
Matt finish on this pretty bright yellow and white vintage glass bead.10x9mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Vintage Japan Pink Glass Beads #4849
: $6.50
Vintage Japan Pink Glass Beads    #4849
Silky finish on pink vintage Japan glass beads. Each bead slightly shades from lite pink to medium pink. 10mm 25 piece strand.
Crystal Colorline
Crystal Colorline #4848
: $5.00
Crystal Colorline   #4848
Glass roundels, crystal with white opaque infused in glass.
Yellow Coins Vintage Beads #4843
: $6.00
Yellow Coins Vintage Beads    #4843
Bright yellow flat round glass beads.14mm 25 pieces. Vintage German glass beads
5mm Navy Drux Beads #4841
: $2.50
5mm Navy Drux Beads    #4841
Navy Blue 5mm Drux glass beads. 100 pieces per pack
Tiny 3mm Green Opal Drux Beads #4840
: $4.50
Tiny 3mm Green Opal Drux Beads    #4840
Green Opal tiny 3mm vintage Japan glass beads. 135 piece strand. Perfect size bead for a spacer in between other beads.
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