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Vintage Glass Beads

Add a classic look to your next beaded jewelry creation with antique beads from We offer vintage glass beads for sale from the U.S. and Japan, as well as quality West Germany and Czech glass beads. Years of searching has given us the opportunity to provide you with a wide variety of sizes and shapes of beads from another time. Additionally, we carry a dazzling array of vintage foil beads.

Whether you feel inspired using Czech glass beads or are in love with the classic look of vintage foil beads, these amazing glass beads are perfect for all your jewelry creations! You can make a special necklace for an old-fashioned outfit or a special gift for a loved one using our vintage glass beads. Email us or call today to inquire about any of our distinctive foil and glass beads for sale at or 530-885-3511. Quantities are limited, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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Jewel Green
Jewel Green Vintage Beads #200235
: $8.00
Jewel Green Vintage Beads      #200235
Emerald green beads, beveled edge pattern. Lovely vintage glass bead. 13x9mm - 25 pieces.
Fluted Jets Vintage Glass Beads #200191
: $7.00
Fluted Jets Vintage Glass Beads    #200191
Black glass fluted pattern beads. 9mm - 50 pieces per strand.
Peaches 'n Cream #200234
: $6.50
Peaches 'n Cream   #200234
Soft colors of coral and cream - 9mm. 25 pieces.
Tan Beveled Tubes #200180
: $5.00
Tan  Beveled Tubes   #200180
Light Tan matted glass tubes, looks like porcelain..12x9mm - 25 pieces per strand
Terra Cotta Tubes #200174
: $5.00
Terra Cotta Tubes   #200174
Tiny matted glass tubes in a terra cotta brown. 100 piece pack.
Cherry Brand Green Swirls #200137
: $8.50
Cherry Brand Green Swirls   #200137
Green glass with a lighter color swirled around bead. Old Cherry Brand Japan.10mm -25 piece strand.
Confetti Blocks #200136
: $6.00
Confetti Blocks   #200136
White glass squares with a sprinkling of colors on bead exterior. 7mm square - 25 pieces per strand.
Barely Pink #200125
: $6.50
Barely Pink   #200125
White glass bead reflecting just the slightest tone of light pink. 6mm - 50 pieces per strand.
Pumpkin Spice #200115
: $6.50
Pumpkin Spice   #200115
Cream with a overlay finish of orange and tan. 25 pcs.
Orion Red Vintage Glass Bead #200111
: $3.50
Orion Red Vintage Glass Bead      #200111
Orion Brand Japan vintage bead is a bright red. 7mm - 50 pieces.
Coral Orange Old Japan Rice Beads #6031
: $3.50
Coral Orange Old Japan Rice Beads    #6031
Coral Orange Glass rice beads. Old Japan Stock. 6x3mm 60 pieces per strand.
White Rectangle Beads #5079
: $6.00
White Rectangle Beads    #5079
White opaque vintage Japan glass beads, 11x8mm - 25 pieces
Jet Waves Glass Bead #5078
: $7.00
Jet Waves Glass Bead     #5078
Square Jet glass bead with rounded corners, Wave pattern crosses thru middle of bead. 13x11mm - 25 piece strand.
Light Navy's #5076
: $6.00
Light Navy's   #5076
Navy vintage Japan Bead, 8mm - 25 pcs.
Red Racer Beads #5075
: $6.50
Red Racer Beads    #5075
Diamond shaped vintage red opaque beads- 8 x 9mm 25 pieces.
Denim Blue & White Vintage Glass Beads #5073
: $5.50
Denim Blue & White Vintage Glass Beads    #5073
Denim Blue vintage glass beads with white over a 14x8mm bead with a slight twist shape. 25 piece strand.
Big White Square Vintage Beads #5071
: $7.00
Big White Square Vintage Beads    #5071
Pretty white opaque flat square glass beads. Large 17mm - 25 pieces per strand. Manufactured in Japan.
Vintage Greens #5066
: $6.00
Vintage Greens   #5066
Light and dark green swirled glass. 8mm - 25 pieces. Vintage Japan glass beads.
Burgandy Picasso Rounds #5063
: $8.00
Burgandy Picasso Rounds    #5063
Light and dark rose Vintage picasso glass bead. 8mm - 25 piece strand.
Red Rondels #5058
: $7.00
Red Rondels   #5058
1960's U.S. Zone Germany vintage beads transparent red glass. 7mm - 100 piece strand
Graduated Barely Pink #5043
: $6.50
Graduated Barely Pink   #5043
Graduated vintage opaque glass beads reflecting just the slightest shade of pink swirled thru white. 5 to 10mm - 50 pieces per strand.
Vintage White Oval Wave Beads #5042
: $6.50
Vintage White Oval Wave Beads   #5042
Vintage German U.S. Zone white glass beads. Oval shaped with wavy striping across glass. 15x12mm - 25 pieces.
West German White Bicone Beads #5041
: $8.00
West German White Bicone Beads     #5041
Opaque white glass vintage West German Bicone shaped beads with stripe pattern on exterior.. 13x11mm- 27 pieces.
Swarovski Crystal Hyacinth Auroras #5038
: $15.00
Swarovski Crystal Hyacinth Auroras   #5038
Brilliant orange Hyacinth Aurora Borealis crystals. Austrian Swarovski crystals. 8mm - 25 pieces.
Dutch Blue #5037
: $8.00
Dutch Blue   #5037
Light blue vintage Japan glass beads. Slightly darker blue swirled pattern on bead exterior 8mm - 50 piece strand.
Knotted Barely Pink #5020
: $5.50
Knotted Barely Pink    #5020
Vintage glass opaque beads with just the slightest blush of pink. 7mm - 45 pieces
Jadite Greens
Jadite Greens #5017
: $5.50
Jadite Greens   #5017
Glass rectangles, lovely opaque Jadite green. 12x5mm - 25 pieces
Brown Sugar Rondels #5013
: $5.50
Brown Sugar Rondels   #5013
Daisy shape tan glass roundels. 1950's era. 50 pcs.
Jadite Twist
Jadite Twist #4995
: $14.00
Jadite Twist   #4995
Pretty vintage Japan glass bead. 1960's era. 14x10mm 25 piece strand.
Amber Picasso #4978
: $6.00
Amber Picasso   #4978
Picasso glass bead with a light amber coloring on exterior. 12x9mm - 25 piece strand.
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