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Vintage Glass Beads

Add a classic look to your next beaded jewelry creation with antique beads from We offer vintage glass beads for sale from the U.S. and Japan, as well as quality West Germany and Czech glass beads. Years of searching has given us the opportunity to provide you with a wide variety of sizes and shapes of beads from another time. Additionally, we carry a dazzling array of vintage foil beads.

Whether you feel inspired using Czech glass beads or are in love with the classic look of vintage foil beads, these amazing glass beads are perfect for all your jewelry creations! You can make a special necklace for an old-fashioned outfit or a special gift for a loved one using our vintage glass beads. Email us or call today to inquire about any of our distinctive foil and glass beads for sale at or 530-885-3511. Quantities are limited, which means once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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Green Lined Luster Viintage Glass Beads #8016
: $12.00
Green Lined Luster  Viintage Glass Beads  #8016
Vintage green color lined glass beads with a luster finish. 10mm - 50 pieces.
Caramel & Cream Beads #7099
: $7.00
Caramel & Cream Beads    #7099
Rich amber tones with swirls of cream glass throughout, matte finish. 12x10mm - 25 pieces.
Southwest Turquoise #7089
: $7.00
Southwest Turquoise   #7089
Flat Oval Turquoise opaque glass beads. Circa 1960's 12x8mm - 25 pieces.
Grey Ripple
Grey Ripple #7087
: $7.00
Grey Ripple   #7087
Transparent Black Diamond Glass with a light gray inclusion in interior . Good quality vintage bead. 18x9mm - 25 pieces.
Vintage Jet Rondel Glass Beads #7059
: $6.00
Vintage Jet Rondel Glass Beads    #7059
6mm Black glass roundels 100 pieces.
Greeen 8mm Rondels
Green Roundel Beads #6050
: $5.00
Green Roundel Beads     #6050
Light green, white and dark green roundels. 8mm - 50pieces.
Sapphire & White Beads #7048
: $5.00
Sapphire & White Beads   #7048
Transparent sapphire blue with opaque white. 8x6mm. 25 pcs.
Red & White Melon Rondels #7047
: $8.00
Red & White Melon Rondels   #7047
11mm. Opaque red and white vintage rondels in a corragated melon pattern. 25 pieces per strand.
Blue Spiral Glass Beads #7025
: $4.75
Blue Spiral Glass Beads  #7025
Light Sapphire Blue transparant Spiral Patterned ovals. 9x5mm 25 pcs.
Black & Turquoise Retro Beads #7036
: $9.00
Black & Turquoise Retro Beads   #7036
Turquoise Opaque and Black beads. 1950's West German glass. Nice quality vintage beads. 48pcs. 10mm
Pink & Black Retro #7024
: $9.00
Pink & Black Retro   #7024
Opaque Pinks and Black Glass Beads. 1950's made in West Germany. Nice quality vintage glass. 48pcs. 10mm
Black & Sienna Vintage Beads #7016
: $6.00
Black & Sienna Vintage Beads     #7016
Black glass beads with variations of autum colors. Orange-reds, rust and topaz. 25 pcs. 11x7mm
Blue Picasso Heart
Blue Picasso Heart Bead #7019
: $1.25 each
Blue Picasso Heart Bead      #7019
Beautiful Denim Blue Picasso glass Heart shaped bead. Bead Hole runs side to side on top of heart.
Little Green Side Drill Vintage Beads #7014
: $1.50
Little Green Side Drill Vintage Beads    #7014
Little Oval Green Czech vintage glass beads, with the hole thru the middle. 9x4mm 25 Piece strand.
Bright Blues #7013
: $7.00
Bright Blues   #7013
Opaque Navy Blue vintage glass beads, 16x8mm 25 pieces per strand.
Old White Heart Beads #7011
: $20.00
Old White Heart Beads    #7011
Old Vintage glass white heart trade beads. Sizes range from 4 to 5mm. 29 inch strand.
Rose Mosaic Bead #6086
: $7.00
Rose Mosaic Bead     #6086
Rose and Tan Picasso glass bead. 14x7mm - 25 pcs.
Cinnamon Lusters #6084
: $6.00
Cinnamon Lusters   #6084
Reddish smooth round glass with a luster finish. 25 pcs.
Bronze Feather Beads #6085
: $6.00
Bronze Feather Beads     #6085
Tan colored glass with bronze feathering on bead exterior. 9mm - 25 piece strand.
Red Glass Ring
Red Glass Ring #6078
: .50 each
Red Glass Ring   #6078
Bright red glass ring. 21 x 14mm
Yellow Glass Ring #6077
: $1.00 each
Yellow Glass Ring   #6077
Transparent yellow glass. This is a vintage 1950's era glass ring. Colorful glass beads can be dangled from glass ring to make colorful earrings or pendants.
Sculptured Bicones #6074
: $5.00
Sculptured Bicones   #6074
Black Glass beads in a bicone shape with a dimple and twist pattern of black glass on exterior. 10x8mm - 25 pieces.
Midnight Jet Glass Beads #7008
: $6.00
Midnight Jet Glass Beads    #7008
Black flat oval glass, very attractive shape and good quality glass. 16x11mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Cream Satin Block Beads #7007
: $6.00
Cream Satin Block Beads     #7007
Light cream toned vintage glass beads. 8x8mm - 25 pieces.
Tan & Cream Bicone #7006
: $6.50
Tan & Cream Bicone   #7006
Blended tones of brown, tan and cream. 7x5mm - 50 pieces per strand.
Blue with Red Stripe Vintage Japan Bead #6070
: $5.00
Blue with Red Stripe Vintage Japan Bead  #6070
Brillant Colors of Blue with red striping on this Old Japan Vintage Glass Matted Bead. 9x4mm. 38 pcs.
Baby Blue Small Vintage Rondels #3595
: $3.50
Baby Blue Small Vintage Rondels    #3595
Vintage Czech 5mm baby blue glass Rondels. 100 Piece strand.
Brown & White Slag Glass #6055
: $5.00
Brown & White Slag Glass    #6055
Mixture of brown and white opaque glass. 50 pieces
Gray Satin Blocks
Grey Satin Blocks #2270
: $5.00
Grey Satin Blocks   #2270
Light gray glass blocks with a shiny luster finish. 8x8mm - 25 pcs.
65mm White Lusters
White Lusters #6048
: $5.50
White Lusters    #6048
Translucent silky white sculptured glass bead. 6mm - 50m pcs.
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