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Looking for great deals on collectible beads, vintage cabochons, and discount glass beads? The selection of sale items at features vintage antique beads that are ideal for any kind of jewelry making project. Whether you’re looking for vintage beads for sale to decorate jewelry, clothing, or a different type of craft, we have excellent prices on unique beads and pendants that will set your item apart. Polished vintage cabochons and discount glass beads are only a few clicks away.

To learn more about each of our vintage beads for sale, click on the pictures below. Each item will be sold by the U.S. pound, gross (144 pieces), or lot. Each item is listed by the quantity of how it is sold. Send us an e-mail or give us a call today with any requests or questions about these sale items at or 530-885-3511. Get the best sale prices on vintage antique beads when you order from today.

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Silver Plated Jewelry Links #1033
: $3.00
Silver Plated Jewelry Links    #1033
100 Piece pack of silver plated decorative jewelry links. 13mm total length including loops on each end.
Natural Horn Pendant #1032
: $2.50
Natural Horn Pendant    #1032
Cut and Polished horn pendant with loop on top. 3/4" wide.
Stick Pin Caps #1030
: $2.00 per pack of 40
Stick Pin Caps    #1030
Jewelry Stick Pin caps, antique gold finish. 40 piece bag.
Red Furnace Glass Beads #1029
: $4.50
Red Furnace Glass Beads    #1029
Handmade Red & Clear Furnace glass beads, 11 mm round, thickness varies. 50 pieces.
Vintage Italian Seed Bead Mix #1028
: $10.00 per 1/2 pound
Vintage Italian Seed Bead Mix    #1028
Old seed beads from Italy, sizes 13 & 14. Mix has rare white heart seed beads. Closeout at 1/2 lb packages.
Mixed Jewelry Findings #1025
: $10.00
Mixed Jewelry Findings    #1025
A great assortment of Jewelry making Findings. 1/2 pound bags. All vintage findings.
Small Chevron Beads #1023
: $4.00
Small Chevron Beads   #1023
Colorful Chevron glass beads, 32 beads, assorted sizes and colors. sizes range 6mm to 12mm.
Big Black & White Glass Beads #1020
: $8.00 per pound
Big Black & White Glass Beads    #1020
Large Black beads with white speckling. Large hole, 23x16mm. $8.00 per pound.
Pulled Feather Pattern Glass Beads #1018
: $10.00 per pound
Pulled Feather Pattern Glass Beads    #1018
Large 17x15mm Colorful Pulled Feather pattern glass bead.
Small Floral Metal Pendants #1026
: $2.50
Small Floral Metal Pendants    #1026
Antique silver plated Floral pattern metal pendants. 22mm - 20 piece pack. Limited quantities of this closeout item.
Skull Beads #1016
: 3.75 strand
Skull Beads    #1016
Metal Skull Beads, size: 27mm. 15 beads per strand.
Fancy Jewelry Spacer Bars #1014
: 1.50 per dozen
Fancy Jewelry Spacer Bars    #1014
Gold 3 strand jewelry spacer bars. Rope twist pattern on top of each bar.
Silver Plate Over Brass Beads #1013
: $4.00
Silver Plate Over Brass Beads   #1013
Strand of metal beads with a pattern, silver plate over brass. 19x12mm
8mm Opaque Yellow Drux Beads #1012
: $1.50 strand
8mm Opaque Yellow Drux Beads    #1012
Bright yellow 8mm vintage glass beads. On sale by the strand.
Opaque Yellow Drux Beads #1011
: $1.50 strand
Opaque Yellow Drux Beads   #1011
9mm Opaque yellow drux glass beads. Slight green tone to these vintage 1960's era beads.
Opaque White Vintage Glass Beads #1009
: $10.00 per pound
Opaque White Vintage Glass Beads    #1009
Vintage Opaque white glass beads 5.5mm - On sale by the pound.
Two Mustard Seed Pendants #1010
: $4.00
Two Mustard Seed Pendants    #1010
2 round pendants with a little mustard seed in each. One is in a silver frame and the other is gold.
Crystal and cream
Crystal and cream #4637
: 7.00 per yard
Crystal and cream   #4637
SALE: Beautiful graduated 4" to 6" long beaded fringe. Crystal and Cream.
Crystal and Topaz
Crystal and Topaz #4635
: $7.00 per yard
Crystal and Topaz   #4635
SALE: 3" to 5 Inch graduated Topaz and crystal seed bead and bugle bead fringe
Deco colors
Deco colors #4629
: $9.00 per yard
Deco colors   #4629
SALE: Deco style fringe. Greens, yellows, crystal and orange make up this beautiful deco style fringe.
Light Topaz Lustre 3 cut seed beads #1006
: $20.00
Light Topaz Lustre 3 cut seed beads    #1006
1 bundle of 10 hanks, Light Topaz Lustre 9x3cut seed beads. Sold by full bundle.
Smoke Topaz Lustre 3 cut Seed Beads #1007
: $20.00
Smoke Topaz  Lustre 3 cut Seed Beads    #1007
1 Bundle of Smoke Topaz Lustre 9x 3cut seed beads. 10 hanks of seed beads per bundle. 20.00
White Vintage Glass Beads #1002
: $15.00
White Vintage Glass Beads    #1002
16 strands of White glass beads with a twist pattern. 25 pieces on each strand = 400 beads
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