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Jewelry Pendants

Create a gorgeous pendant necklace with the large selection of pendants for jewelry making at This vast selection offers Austrian crystal jewelry pendants, rhinestone inlay pendants, gemstone pendants, vintage glass pendants for jewelry making, and more. We guarantee you’ll find that one of a kind pendant when you shop online at!

Pendants are often the focal point of a necklace. Make your next necklace one of a kind with our vintage pendants. These beautiful pendants will be the topic of conversation every time they’re worn. Many of our metal pendants for jewelry making are drilled, set in a bezel, or a loop attached.

Antique Bead Peddler has been a family owned and operated business since 1978. We pride ourselves on having over 10,000 different types of beads and pendants in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have a question give us a call at 530-885-3511 or email us at We’ll be happy to help with whatever you need!

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Sapphire Faceted Crystal Drops #4890
: $3.00 for 7 pieces
Sapphire Faceted Crystal Drops   #4890
Medium Sapphire Multi-faceted vintage crystal drops. 13x10mm. Each vintage crystal drop is wired in a 7 piece manufacturer ring.
Blue Glass Intaglio #4798
: $10.00 each
Blue Glass Intaglio   #4798
Large crystal blue pendant with a floral pattern intaglio pattern. Floral design on top and faceted crystal glass below. 40x30mm
Bone Pendant G #4766
: $3.00 each
Bone Pendant G   #4766
Carved and tinted bone set in silver colored metal with metal beaded fringe
Bone Pendant E #4762
: $3.00
Bone Pendant E   #4762
Carved and tinted bone pendant set in silver colored metal. 2 1/2 inchs long.
Pink Drop
Pink Drop #4425
: $1.75 each
Pink Drop   #4425
Hand blown pink glass pendant
Frosted Heart
Frosted Heart #4390
: $2.00 each
Frosted Heart   #4390
Frosted glass heart with a tiny crystal rhinestone
Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart #4383
: $2.00 each
Crystal Heart   #4383
Crystal Faceted Glass Heart
Topaz Heart
Topaz Heart #4381
: $2.00 each
Topaz Heart   #4381
Topaz Faceted glass heart
Pink Aqua & Blue Pendant
Pink Aqua & Blue Pendant #4360
: $2.00
Pink Aqua & Blue Pendant   #4360
Hand-made glass pendants. Sapphire Blue.
Blue Foiled Pendant
Blue Foiled Pendant #4355
: $1.50 each
Blue Foiled Pendant   #4355
1.5 x 1 inch Glass pendants, foiled backing. Blue
Blue Pendant
Blue Pendant #4354
: $1.50 each
Blue Pendant   #4354
2 inch Hand-made glass pendants. Blue glass over silver foiling.
Pink Foiled Pendant
Pink Foiled Pendant #4347
: $1.50 each
Pink Foiled Pendant   #4347
Glass pendant, bright pink with a foiled back. 2.5 Inches
Flat Ruby Disk #4133
: .80 each
Flat Ruby Disk   #4133
20mm Transparent red glass disk with hole at top.
Cameo Intaglio
Cameo Intaglio #4022
: $6.00 each
Cameo Intaglio   #4022
Turn of the Century carnelian glass watch fob with intaglio cut glass cameo.
Green Teardrop
Green Teardrop #3887
: .50 each
Green Teardrop   #3887
Pretty faceted emerald green glass teardrop. 17x9mm 1950's era jewelry pendant.
Red Glass Pendant #3884
: $1.00
Red Glass Pendant   #3884
Faceted glass vintage pendant . Beautiful ruby red color. 1 1/4"
Topaz Pendant #3881
: $1.00 each
Topaz Pendant   #3881
Vintage Topaz faceted glass pendant. 1 1/4"
Blue Vintage Pendant #3840
: $.75 each
Blue Vintage Pendant    #3840
Sapphire blue small glass drop .7/8" inch.
Red Heart  Pendant
Red Heart Pendant #3828
: $4.50 each
Red Heart Pendant   #3828
Beautiful large foiled glass heart pendants - 25mm
Lavendar Heart Pendant
Lavendar Heart Pendant #3827
: $4.50 each
Lavendar Heart Pendant   #3827
Beautiful large Foiled glass heart pendants - 25mm
Blue Heart Pendant
Blue Heart Pendant #3825
: $4.50 each
Blue Heart Pendant   #3825
Beautiful Large Foiled glass heart pendants - 25mm
Amber Glass Pendant
Vintage Amber Glass Jewelry Pendants #3813
: $2.00 each
Vintage Amber Glass Jewelry  Pendants    #3813
Beautiful Amber glass vintage jewelry pendants. Hole drilled side to side.21x16 mm.
Red Twisted Glass Pendant #2946
: $4.00 each
Red Twisted Glass Pendant   #2946
Hand blown twisted glass pendant with wire loop
Crystal Butterfly
Crystal Butterfly #2391
: $5.00 each
Crystal Butterfly   #2391
24mm Crystal heart pendant with cut Intaglio butterfly and faceted edges.
Crystal Cameo
Crystal Cameo Heart Pendant #2390
: $5.00 each
Crystal Cameo Heart Pendant    #2390
24mm Crystal heart pendant with cut Intaglio cameo and faceted edges.
Crystal Heart Unicorn
Crystal Heart Unicorn Heart Pendant #2389
: $5.00 each
Crystal Heart Unicorn Heart Pendant      #2389
24mm Crystal heart Unicorn pendant with cut Intaglio unicorn and faceted edges.
Antique Emerald Drop #2379
: 2.00 eachh
Antique Emerald Drop   #2379
Large vintage Emerald Glass pendant
Sea Urchin Spine Pendants #2314
: $3.00 each
Sea Urchin Spine Pendants    #2314
Sea Urchin spines with a silver plated cap and ring. Spines range from 3" to 4" in length. Light green color.
Bone Fish Jewelry Pendant #2238
: .70 each
Bone Fish Jewelry Pendant      #2238
Carved bone fish, 1 1/4 inch long.
Bone Mask Jewelry Pendant #2237
: .95 each
Bone Mask Jewelry Pendant    #2237
Carved bone face jewelry pendant, 1 1/4 inch tall.
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