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New Glass Beads

Glass beads are among the most popular crafting items and have a wide variety of uses. At, we offer glass beads in every color of the rainbow. We have squares, rounds, tubes, drops, disks, and flat glass beads in every color and size. From abstract designs on oval glass beads to crystal leaf-shaped beads, our selection and prices are unequaled anywhere. With options for every craft or jewelry style, you can find the beads you need for any project.

We carry handmade Czech glass beads from the traditional vendors of the Czech Republic. Known for the quality of their craftsmanship and their beauty, Czech glass beads are famous throughout the world. You can get flat glass beads and oval glass beads for less when you order from us today. To get a more detailed description of each bead, click on the picture or contact us for more information. Order your glass beads today from

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Purple Ovals #3013
: $4.50
Purple Ovals   #3013
Bright transparent oval glass in a purple tone.
Ice Blues #2959
: $7.00
Ice Blues   #2959
Ice blue oval beads.
Blue Flat Bicone #2805
: $7.00
Blue Flat Bicone   #2805
Pretty cobalt blue flat bicone shaped bead.
Brown Iris #2782
: $6.00
Brown Iris   #2782
Corrugated brown iris glass rondel shaped beads.
Citrine Auroras #2768
: $3.50
Citrine Auroras   #2768
Bright yellow round glass beads with Aurora Borealis finish.
Blue Iris Barrels #2762
: $2.75
Blue Iris Barrels   #2762
Blue Iris barrel shaped glass beads
Pink & Gray #2758
: $6.50
Pink & Gray   #2758
Lovely soft rose bead with a silvery gray luster fired over exterior of bead.
Bronze & Cobalt Beads #6018
: $10.00
Bronze & Cobalt  Beads   #6018
Cobalt blue glass with a band of bronze and a colored glass dot in center. 40 pieces.
Capri Blue Glass Beads #2745
: $4.50
Capri Blue Glass Beads     #2745
Transparent oval glass beads in a lovely capri blue color. 11x8mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Translucent Blues #2743
: $8.00
Translucent Blues   #2743
Beautiful translucent and opalized blue glass beads from Czech Republic.
Bronze & Blue Beads #2741
: $10.00
Bronze & Blue Beads  #2741
Turquoise blue with a bronze band and dots of blue and amethyst glass. 10x6mm - 40 pieces.
Jet Twists #2736
: $5.00
Jet Twists   #2736
Beautiful Jet Black glass twisted beads. 14x10mm - 25 pieces per strand.
Pink Cones New Glass Beads #2731
: $4.00
Pink Cones New  Glass Beads      #2731
Pink glass cones shaped beads. Work well as drops on end of beaded jewelry designs. 8x8mm - 25 pieces.
Black & Moss Green #2726
: $4.00
Black & Moss Green   #2726
Pretty black bead with moss green and sienna brown color speckled throughout bead.
Black and Golds #2721
: $8.50
Black and Golds   #2721
Jet black barrels, gold band around center of bead. 46 piece strand.
Small Chevrons #2710
: $9.00
Small Chevrons   #2710
Beautiful handmade chevrons. 9x6mm 46 pieces per strand.
Bone Rondels #2694
: $8.00
Bone Rondels   #2694
Strand of carved bone flat rondels with a cut pattern around bead.
Sapphire AB Satina #2690
: $4.00
Sapphire AB Satina   #2690
Tube shaped sapphire blue bead with an Aurora Borealis finish.
Dark Purple Bronze #2687
: $4.00
Dark Purple Bronze   #2687
Pretty pattern bead with a purple iris and bronze finish.
Green Lustre Rondels #2683
: $6.00
Green Lustre Rondels   #2683
Green glass rondels with a luster finish. 78 Pieces strand. 10x4mm
Red Fire Glass Beads #2668
: $5.00
Red Fire Glass Beads  #2668
Bright red Siam color glass beads with a oval pattern. 10x8mm 25 pieces per strand.
Matted Jet Twists #2665
: $5.00
Matted Jet Twists   #2665
Black twist pattern, matted to a soft silky jet finish.
Porcelain Heart #2648
: $1.00
Porcelain Heart   #2648
Jet Heart. Gold and white floral design painted on exterior.
Basic Black #2613
: $2.25
Basic Black   #2613
Jet-black faceted fire polish bead.
Rose Emeralds #2590
: $4.00
Rose Emeralds   #2590
A beautiful glass bead. A blend of rose with light to darker green transparent tones.
Blue & White Chevrons #2495
: $7.50
Blue & White Chevrons   #2495
Chevron glass beads with red and white interior. Exterior color is turquoise and white.
Little Jet Drops #2433
: $3.75
Little Jet Drops   #2433
Pretty little jet glass fire polish drops. Nicely faceted.
Jet Drums #2301
: $4.00
Jet Drums   #2301
Small shiny Jet-black drum shaped glass beads. An excellent bead to space between larger beads. 50 pieces
Frosted Green Leaf Beads #2282
: $3.75
Frosted Green Leaf Beads    #2282
Green leaf shaped beads, frosted finish, made in Czech Republic. 13x10mm - 25 piece strand.
Dark Amethyst Stripe #2259
: $5.50
Dark Amethyst  Stripe   #2259
Transparent glass with a dark purple stripe throughout the interior of the glass.
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