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Antique Jewelry

Timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance are two common characteristics of antique vintage jewelry, which make them coveted by myriads of different types of people. Whether looking to class up your formal look, or to simply build your antique vintage jewelry collection, is the perfect choice for only the very best and beautiful antique jewelry for sale.

From stunning hematite glass cameos to glistening antique pearl jewelry, Antique Bead Peddler has vintage jewelry for any specific tastes. Antique rhinestone jewelry is a surefire way to dazzle up a simple look, and in choices that range from brooches to necklaces and everything in between, we’re confident you’ll find antique jewelry for sale that you truly cannot live without. Consider your online treasure chest! You just might find the perfect piece you’ve always been looking for.

If you have any questions regarding our antique jewelry for sale, please contact us today.

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Rhinestone Pin #6028
: $29.00
Rhinestone Pin   #6028
Rhinestones set in Gold plated pin.
Topaz Rhinestone Earrings #6057
: $13.00
Topaz Rhinestone Earrings     #6057
Double hoop Clip on earrings, Bright Topaz rhinestones.
Blue Deco Pendant Necklace #6027
: $48.00
Blue Deco Pendant Necklace   #6027
Light Sapphire Deco glass necklacem, beautiful intaglio pendant. 15inches with 1 inch pendant.
Pearl Bracelet #6026
: $50.00
Pearl Bracelet   #6026
Pearl inlayed costume bracelet
Pearls #200247
: $38.00
Pearls   #200247
Egyptian and Black Onyx #200237
: $25.00
Egyptian and Black Onyx   #200237
Long Black Onyx bead necklace with a carved Egyptian head of the gemstone Howlite..29" long. Onyx beads are designed with a knot between each bead.
Lavendar Lined Beads #4562
: $65.00
Lavendar Lined Beads   #4562
Sterling Floral Spray #4560
: $40.00
Sterling Floral Spray   #4560
Beautiful Floral Spray sterling pin with a gold wash overlay. Rose and Amethyst rhinestones inset in floral spray.
Seed Bead Necklace
Seed Bead Necklace #4462
: $9.00
Seed Bead Necklace   #4462
Red, green, and Cobalt blue matted tiny bugle bead necklace. Original 1970's stock, still has the original tag, "Bohemian Glass"
Coral & Enamel Pendant
Antique Jewelry Coral & Enamel Pendant #4444
: $100.00
Antique Jewelry Coral & Enamel Pendant   #4444
Fabulous vintage Berber pendant with enamel and coral inlays, set in a silver color metal.
Crystal drop Necklace #3857
: $28.00
Crystal drop Necklace   #3857
Beautiful cut crystal bead necklace with 9 crystal pendants.
Large Dragonfly Pin 3 1/2" #3898
: $18.00
Large Dragonfly Pin  3 1/2"     #3898
31/2 in Enameled Pin with crystal rhinestones in Dragonfly wings.
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